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Traditec Roofing materials

Traditec is a worldwide orientated import and export company in roofing materials. Our mission is to match every desired roofing tile for replacement, renovation and historic restoration purposes. With our products and experience we are able to give your new build home just that extra finishing touch that lets your home stand out from all others.

clay pantile hand made natural red

Reclaimed roof tiles
We stock over 2.5 million reclaimed clay and concrete roof tiles in various colours, dimensions and types from Belgium, Holland/The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Great Brittan, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. All sorted  with the best quality requirements and packed on pallets ready for shipment. With our own stock and partner network of salvage and reclamation yards in Europe, USA and Australia we have a reclaimed solution for almost every roofing enquiry.

fitting being handcrafted

Reproduction roof tiles
If we are not able to match your tile with an original, we could have your tile custom made. We work with several factories which are able to  replicate every roof tile imaginable. We custom match clay type, original production method and coloring with engobes and glazure.

glazed plain tile full range small

Authentic new roof tiles Collection
We distribute a wide range of new roof tiles from manufacturers all over the world. Our assortment is carefully selected to give your home just that extra character. Our offer is totally made on your desired look and feelings. Our picture library and sampling of shapes and colours will give you the best possible view on what your home could look like. 


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Roofing accessories
To keep your roof in the best condition we also offer a wide range of roofing accessories form tile clips, roofing screws, underlays, lead, bird protectors, snow stops, ventilation tiles etc. All our product are proven by the highest quality requirements to match building regulations and maintain the characteristics of historic and new buildings.

Service and Shipping
We service all enquiries with the best possible attention from 1 tile or special fitting to thousands. For transportation we use several carriers specially selected on the lowest/quality cost price for air, sea and road freight.

Looking for a specific roof tile, now what?
We try to specify our products as well as possible if you are unable to find you required tile or you have other questions please fill in your details on the Match a Tile page.

Just browse through our website to see what we could do for you,or feel free to contact us for more information. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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